Archive – Ice Castle Watch – 2014

As of February 7th, 2014 construction continues!

This year we’d like you to be able to see some photos of progress of the castle.  Actual construction won’t begin for another week or so.  This page will show you the latest picture of construction along with the date it was taken.  The weather couldn’t be more cooperative at this time for an ice castle!  We have nearly 1 foot of ice on the lake and the temperatures are predicted to stay at or below freezing!

Photos taken on February 7th, 2014:

Things are really coming along and the crews are working hard to make an enormous castle this year!


Photos taken on February 4th 2014:

A special thanks to the IUOE Apprenticeship Program for their hardwork!  Without them, this castle wouldn’t be possible!





Current Progress: 750 Blocks of Ice so far!


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